Be Safe, Know Your Neighborhood

Keeping our family safe is a number one priority for parents. Before moving to a new area, it is best to do your homework and find out about the neighborhood. Aside from learning about the school district, you also need to know if there are persons convicted of sexual crimes nearby. For example, if you plan to live anywhere in Orlando, you can look into a list of Florida Sex Offenders. You can also use this list just to check if anyone with a record moved near you. All you need is either the county, city or zipcode to search. In these days and times, it's best to be safe than sorry.


  1. Good for you Babette. So many people fail to think of child safety and whether they are moving to an area where predators frequent. Eight five percent of child sexual abuse is said to be perpetrated by somebody well known to the family (often a parent or blood relative) so neighbourhood sex predators are not the only ones to look out for - we all need to be mindful of the domestic terrorists as well.

  2. Great information. I know that there is a resource that I used to see this information in my area.

  3. Domestic terrorists. I like that term. You're absolutely right - we must be mindful of those also.

  4. I'm so scared to this kind of things. Although mga lalaki mga anak ko I won't take the risk.
    By the way, in response sa comment...diko nga mapagpalit yung watch kasi di naman binilhan ng battery..toinks hehehe..ako nalang maghanap battery if may pagkakataon.


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