Clean and Blog by Using Dragon Naturally Speaking

Being a full-time mom and a blogger takes a lot of scheduling to be able to get things done. Time is at a premium and I try to use different things that help me do chores faster. When it comes to blogging, I am not a fast typist and I welcome anything that will save me time on writing my posts. I've gotten better over time but it still is not fast enough. This is where Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard fits in. This software can write 150 words per minute, meaning I will be able to make more posts without getting tired from typing. I will also be able to make a post while doing household chores. How? My notebook has Bluetooth technology so I am able to use a wireless headset and microphone. By using Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred software, I can dictate my post and do laundry at the same time. Now we all know that folding clothes takes the longest time and it is impossible to do it along with blogging. With this software, my problem is solved. This software filters out background noise so you do not have to worry about that, you can even use this while watching your children's soccer game. This is most useful for bloggers with disabilities and for those who have athritis. They can use this software and speak into the microphone and see their words in the screen. This software has been so useful that a major newspaper, the New York Times printed a review which you can see here:NY Times Review of DNS10.

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