Get Ready with Your Christmas Cards

Three more months and it's the Holiday season again. You know what that means, it is time to get that special Christmas card ready before it's too late. I like sending out cards that are personalized with my children's photos, yes, I'm one of those people. I like the Christmas card selection at GalleryCollection.com. They have all kinds of cards for you to send to anyone, they even have quite a selection of Business Christmas cards. What I like about this website is that they donated personalized Holiday cards last year to this wonderful group called Soldier's Angels. This organization provides support and assistance to all soldiers in the United States Military. This year, GalleryCollection.com will again donate 180,000 personalized cards to this organization. Soldier's Angels send care packages to our service men and women in the military and the personalized cards from GalleryCollection.com is in those packages. This organization's motto is 'May no soldier go unloved.' I think that what they are doing is really important because through their work, all our soldiers will feel that people back home are thinking of them and supporting them. Through this organization, all of the soldiers will receive care packages this Holiday season. If you have a family member in the military, always remember that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved one.


  1. 3 mos. to go, pasko na pala ano?
    sa atin daw parang pasko na, with decors n music na sila,
    dito sa amin, wla pa.....
    they decorates only on xmas na talaga.

    barb, ako rin hindi matagal na naka bisita dito,
    bc sa lakwatsa....heheheh

    bitaw, back to normal na ang wrks ko, weds-thurs-sat....ganoon pa rin.

    gusto akong mag-email sa iyo kaya lang nabora ang lahat na emails ads ko dito sa pc ko, kasi bernie cleaned it....lahat nabora.

    cgi, off na ako, bukas may pasok ako, may tinapos lang ako.........natapos na, kaya matulog na ako.....lol

    goodnight n regards to all.

  2. Hi Vks, oo nga, Christmas is fast approaching. busy ka nga parati, di ka mahagilap. LOL I'll call you one of this days. :)

  3. Three Months to go, get your shopping done, get your scarves ready and send out your Christmas Cards! Thanks for being there for the soldiers!


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