Google is 10

Have you 'googled' lately? It's now ten years since Google started and I can say that I've been using it that long too. I've tried other search engines before like AOL Web Crawler, Alta Vista and Yahoo but I never liked it. When Google came along, I tried it and have been using it ever since. I like the simplicity of the main page, it's not cluttered like other search sites. I've been using it everyday.I use it for online shopping, research, travel and many other things. I have to admit that I also googled my former bfs. :D


  1. Yeah ten years old..ang bata kesa satin wahehehe

  2. ay naku Babs..malamig parin dito..Spring season kami ngayun

  3. Good idea on googling former bfs! That's always a fun thing to do. :)


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