Have you Ingested Melamine?

It's all over the news. Tainted milk have sickened thousands in China. Now there is a recall for White Rabbit candies here in the US and Cadbury chocolates in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia. These candies were manufactured in China and could contain melamine-laced milk, which has been blamed for killing four children and making around 50,000 ill.
I like White Rabbit candies. I ate a lot of it when I was younger. Good thing I haven't had it for years or else I would've been worried. This is alarming. How can we be sure that the food products we are buying that are made in China are safe? I guess we shouldn't purchase any products with dairy that is made from China until after this problem is completely solved.


  1. I love white rabbit as well and my uncle who is my chemistry teacher she told me and my classmates to carry white rabbit all the time so when we are hungry we can have it and it will protect having ulcer in our stomach. Yeah, we shoudn't buy any products from china until is cleared up and safe to eat.

  2. @Lanie
    That's right, we shouldn't get anything with milk as an ingredient. It's too bad since there are cookies that my kids love.


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