Help Your Child's Teacher

They spend most of the day with your child. They have the responsibility to educate your child. I think it's just right to support your child's teacher. What do I mean? If you get a class 'wishlist' from your child's teacher, take a moment to read through it. See what it is you can afford and buy it for the class. If you cannot afford to purchase one item, send whatever you can give to the teacher. We all know that they do not get paid enough. Most of them use their own money to purchase class supplies. So next time you get that class wishlist, do not set it aside or toss it. Go to Walmart or wherever and buy it, it is for your child's use in class afterall.


  1. Thanks for writing this. I'm a teacher and I usually I have no choice but to use my own money to purchase supplies for the classroom. If a lot more parents get involved, it will be a great help to teachers.

  2. Mama this post is a great help to a lot of teachers.

    I know it because I belong to the academe. Tsk...tsk... But you know what we're not obliging parents to this. A little help will do.

  3. You are right. Teachers are amazing people. They devote their time educating our children and sometimes use their own money to buy stuff for the classroom. I never ignore that piece of paper. It helps a lot for them.


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