Ladies, Are You Ready for Some Football?

Uh, do we have a choice? Football season starts this Sunday and I'll bet my Dell XPS notebook that dh will be in his favorite seat and watching the first kickoff on his plasma tv. So what does football season mean to our household? It means that we schedule stuff around the Patriots' game schedule. No parties, shopping, errands for him on Sunday afternoon/evening. If ever he doesn't have a choice (because I said so LOL), then he'll listen to the game in the car. He's all ready for the season. He has chosen his players in the NFL fantasy game and he has some time scheduled to watch the game at his childhood friend's house. So what do I do when football is on? I'll sometimes watch it with him if my favorite teams are playing. If not, then I'll be up and about around the house, either baking, cooking or blogging.

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