My Belgian Chocolates Arrived

I tasted these chocolates while on vacation in Belgium. I saw their stores everywhere we went. Leonidas chocolates - melt-in-your-mouth goodness. I've never tasted anything like it (well, maybe a close second would be Guylians Belgian chocolates). I found out that you can get it from Amazon and today I saw from the packing receipt that they have their own website here in the US. http://leonidas-chocolate.com/ They are having a sale this week. 1 lb for $22, that's a 50% off the regular price. You should check it out and order for yourself. So good...


  1. wowwww! hmmmn, starts to crave now for chocolates ;)

  2. Those look heavenly! Good thing Christmas is coming.

  3. i've seen a Leonidas chocolate stall in Greenbelt but never really tasted it. may pagkamahal kasi:) anyway, you're already added in my blog long time ago..here's the link..http://marites1034.bravejournal.com/entry/26154


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