Is Your Zip File Locked and Secure?

I'm sure you've used a file compressor to send a large file as an attachment. I've done it countless times myself. What I didn't know is that there is a safe way to send Zip files. Until now, I've been using the regular program to zip and unzip attachments. This is like sending a package to the post office that has not been sealed, we wouldn't want to do that! This free program is called SecureZip Express, it not only compresses the data ,it also secures it (therefore protecting your privacy).
You can download it for free from this web site: www.DecryptandDrive.com After you download the application, you will get a chance to enter to win prices that include a Grand Prize - a Honda Scooter (worth $2,500), 5 first prize of a Fuji Bike and 5 second prize of a Nintendo Wii plus many more fun prizes. Download SecureZip Express and say goodbye to unsecured file attachments.

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