The Man I Would've Love to Run for President

Yes, I am a fan, if you will, of General Colin Powell. I think that he is a very honorable man. It would've been great if he ran for the presidency. I think that he will make a very good if not great president. Too bad that he isn't and never will (?) go after the job.

Well, just this weekend, he endorsed Barrack Obama. He has given a lot of valid reasons as to why he wants Obama for President.

So what does it have to do with me? Well, I've been sitting on the fence just waiting for the election. How should I vote? Should I vote for my beliefs and for 'moral grounds'? Or should I vote with my 'common sense'? Now that Gen. Powell has spoken, you bet I will take his views into consideration.


  1. I hope Obama wins the presidency. Even though I'm not a US citizen, majority of people all over the world prefers Obama to McCain. And it's good to see a first black president in USA.

  2. I was very happy to hear that he supports Obama. I hope you decide to vote like him. :)

  3. I still doesn't change my vote even he support for Obama. I don't like Colin Powell.

  4. @Foong
    Thanks for your opinion. If Obama wins the presidency, it will show that the US have made huge strides since the days of M.L.King.

    Thanks for the comment and welcome to my blog. I actually voted for him earlier this year. That's what is nice about being independent. I get to make up my mind and not go along party lines.

    mareng Lan, how come you don't like Gen. Powell? Amongst Washington politicians, he's one of the few that was not blinded by 'power'. He is very intelligent and trustworthy in my opinion. Just two more weeks and the election is here. We will know by then who will be the next president. I cannot wait for this election to be over. I'm tired of hearing the mudslinging between the NH politicians Shaheen and Sununu. LOL

  5. I will vote for him if he ever runs for president. and i agree with.

  6. Mareng barb, I don't like him because his a traitor to all the Republican party that his supposed to be in, but he turn around that he endorse Obama which his hiding that his not Republican at all because behind is his democratic. He also lie to the UN. Hubby said, he don't like him as well because he did something that he can't trust him. Well, his black that make him turn around and stay black together. We just don't like democrat supporter are mean to Republican and blaming on Bush administration. People should look from the past when 911 happened everyone want to attack terrorist because they're angry. What happened now our economy is people's fault and bank because the let people giving a loan that they can't even pay back. Well, all we want is our economy back not like this, but poor new elected president he will suffer the crisis.

  7. My family are huge fans. My 2 nephews are named Colin and Powell. It's funny when they are called one after the other: Colin! Powell!


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