This Financial Mess, Whose Fault was It?

It's time for finger-pointing. It depends on who you talk to. Everyone has their opinion as to who is to blame for the financial mess. Personally, I think the blame goes to the homeowners who clearly bit more than they could chew. They know the big house with a big mortgage is a financial risk. Why did they sign on the dotted line? Okay, the bank gave them money but why did they agree to the loan? Just because someone is handing you loads of cash does not mean you have to take it. If they did not sign off on that loan, then they we wouldn't be in this financial mess.
Now off to AIG. What were they thinking? After getting the millions of dollars of bail-out from the government, the company executives went on a retreat to a luxury hotel. These people played golf, had massages, went to the spa and relaxed. All these costs more than $400,000. Being an AIG stock holder, hearing about this made my blood boil. I am upset. This blog is rated G so I cannot write what I really think about these people. I don't swear but this is one of those rare instances where I just want to say *@#&*%!!!


  1. that's is true because most people how own the house don't have down payment and yeah the bank allowed them to borrowed more than they could afford. I don't like pointing on our president because that's not right because it's the people who own money that don't pay the bank back and file bankrupcy. Hubby and I seen the news too and we are upset as well.

  2. Amen Babette to everything you put in here... And I agree with Lanie's comment too! I let Dana read this too and he said, it's very true. We share the same thoughts and views with you.


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