Blogging, Thanksgiving, and Turkey

I have not been blogging too much lately. I had more important priorities to attend to and even though I see a couple of opportunites staring back at me, I did not snag it. I reserved some a few times but I just let it expire. I consider myself lucky that I do not depend on this for income. It's nice to get $5 here, $10 there and everything in between and over. All this goes to the vacation fund which was depleted when we went to Europe this summer. My goal is to save for spending money when we go back to the Philippines next year. I've been busy around the house and in my children's school this past week. Since Thanksgiving is two weeks away, I am sure that it will just get busier for me. There will be Thanksgiving lunch in school that week and I volunteered to help out. Then we will be having Thanksgiving dinner in my house, this will be the fourth year. Good thing that dh has a small family, I cannot imagine cooking for 30!
I'll share with you my turkey tip: Cook a medium sized bird AND a breast. This way, cooking time does not take the whole day plus you get extra white meat for everyone. :o)
I've had my share of Thanksgiving turkey horror story. Mind you, it's just one and I do not intend to add more to it. I cringe everytime I remember. I'll have to share it with you so look out for it.


  1. I am sure your very busy mareng barb cause is only 2 weeks away before thanksgiving. I am busy as well working and glad I got a call every week and I tried to do writing paid post at night and I tried to save the triple p task, but I let it expired. I like to have more income out than just income online. We are gonna have our thanksgiving at my sister in law house and christmas. Hb is going to start going to school on monday-wednesday kaya I am gonna be very busy as well.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Take your time Mama. Enjoy your life to the fullest.

    Have a great weekend!!!


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