Christmas Tree Tagging and Christmas Decorations

Ok, I know the title gives you an image of Christmas trees playing tag. :oP Kidding aside, tagging a Christmas tree has been a tradition for my family every year. We go to a Christmas tree farm not far from our house. We choose the 'almost perfect tree' we can find and tag it. Some people make an art project just for this, they weave paper chains and put it around the tree. I've seen other people use an old neck tie or garland while others just use a regular tag with their name on it. We will then come back on the 2nd week of December to pick up the tree that we tagged.  So it's like staking our clain to this one tree so no one else can take it home.  My little boy told me that he wants to get a tree that looks like the one Charlie Brown has. :o) I also plan on starting with my Christmas decorations tomorrow. Dh will put up the outdoor lighting while I'll be in charge with those indoors. The next door neighbor already put theirs up today. They have this huge blow-up train with a penguin and another blow-up Santa and snowman. We don't have any blow-up lawn ornament, I prefer the subtle lawn decorations plus I don't want my electric bill to go up. :o)

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  1. We already got ours done, and I am so glad. I bet it took me 2 hours just messing with bulbs. I love the lights and the joy it brings to the grand kids, but I sure don't like to hassle with the lights for 2 hours, lol! Happy Monday.


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