Cleaning Up for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is next week and soon the holidays are upon us. For parents like me, it means additional junk toys for the kids. No, it's not all from us. We will get them one or two toys but the rest will come from relatives. We've sorted out the toys they want to keep and the rest will be given away. I have a bag of Barbie cars and other accessories, a big Bratz head and a Little Mermaid head and a bunch of stuffed toys. She does not want to give away the Barbie airplane and big doll house though. She still plays with her Barbie and it's two dozen twins. LOL She also plays with her Littlest Pet Shop collection. I also cleaned up my daughter's bookcase and put some books in my son's room. She has the complete Barbie book set and this will be donated to her school's library. Her old textbooks meanwhile will be stored in the attic along with her school and art work. It's amazing how much stuff kids accumulate these days. How about you? What do you do with your kids' old toys?

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