Keeping Warm

The wood stove was installed last month and we have been using it since then. It keeps the main floor warm, around 67-69 degrees. What's nice about having this is that in the morning when I come down, it is not cold anymore. Before we had this wood stove installed, the temperature downstairs in the early morning is in the mid-50's. I usually had the temperature set to 65deg starting at 6 am. I also noticed that the heater downstairs does not come on anymore. That is good news. I know that we will be able to save money on heating oil this coming winter. As for the wood fuel, we have a big lot and 3/4 is all forest so there are a lot of fallen trees lying around. Dh needs to cut up some more wood since I heard there will be some snow flurries on Tuesday. Brrrr...

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