I May Have Been a Fairy Godmother in a Past Life

Really. I've been wishing lately that I have a magic wand. I'd go around the blogging world and whirl it around and all will be well with everyone. Whenever I drop ECs, I do a fast browse and read if something catches my eye. Yesterday, I came across many blogs that tugged at my heartstrings. How I wish I can reach out and help these fellow bloggers. Whatever their troubles may be, they all need comfort and encouragement. Most of the times I leave a comment but there are times where I would hesitate. I start writing a comment then change my mind and just move on. Do they really want to know what I'm thinking? Do they need another "I hope everything will be okay." message? Will my comforting words mean something to a total stranger? What do you think?


  1. As I drop ECs I do the same thing. I hesitate as well. Sometimes I think my attempt at comforting words will seem hollow. Sometimes I start to compose a comment that basically says that happened to me too and it's hard, but then I think, it's not about ME and I go to the next blog without hitting publish.

    I think sometimes unless I have some concrete advice, it's best to move on. Probably 20 people ahead of me have posted the "I'm so sorry." "I hope everything will be okay." So what good is one more? It seems silly and almost insincere. As if, 'why can't I think of anything else to say?' They've used blogging as an outlet to decompress and that in itself has to help.

    Great post!

  2. I guess those comforting words will mean much more if they come from a close friend or family members. But sometimes comforting words from strangers do help too. The person may think that this "stranger" read his blog and try to understand his problem and even take the effort to write a comment. So to the person, it is comforting to know that at least someone out there listens and empathises with him.

    Btw, you may just be a fairy godmother in your past life! : )

  3. Babette,

    You've been tagged. Stop by my blog for the details.


  4. I usually follow an 'urge'. If I have an urge to say something after reading a post, I take it as a prodding from some divine power. Your comment may mean more than you expect it. I believe that some messages are sent through angels disguised as a strangers.

  5. trust me oftentimes comforting words from total strangers make me feel better when I'm depressed. When I see a new blogger commenting in one of my posts, it makes me feel happy and flattered because that only means they're taking time to read and listen to me.

  6. i experienced the same thing, too. i hesitate to comment on blogs that i don't really know personally and so, i tend to just erase what i've started typing and just move on. but i think they could add comfort most of the times! :)

  7. How else do you make friends if you ever reach out first?

  8. @Lola
    I hear you. I also don't want to seem insincere although I am not. Unless it's a blogger that I've developed a rapport, I'm not going to leave a "Hope you feel better." message.
    Thanks for the tag, it'll be posted in my mommy blog hopefully soon.

    You are right. Some bloggers will find it comforting when someone leaves a comment. It's nice when they acknowledge it but there are bloggers where they do not do this. So it's like it fell onto deaf ears. Even a short Thank you will suffice, right?

    Hmmm, maybe I'm your Fairy Godmother. LOL I gave you the talent to play the piano and make wonderful music! ha ha

    That's deep BFF! LOL I know what you mean. :o)

    @Texas Sweetie
    That's nice to know. I remember when I started commenting on your blog. :o) Love seeing your cutie pie too!

    @Rare jonrez
    Yeah, I think it's just giving comfort that's why we want to leave a comment.

    You are right, I've made friends by leaving comments. I guess it's those times where my comment did not get any acknowledgement that made me second guess my actions. It's not as if there were a ton of comments. I think it's only one or two but it was both ignored.

  9. indeed u r my fairy godmama!!!thank you

  10. @MightyDacz
    LOL You're welcome Ronald.

  11. I do the same thing. This was a great idea to post the question on your blog. I think most just posting the blog heps sometimes just knowing that somebody read it is nice too though I suppose.

  12. Hello Barb,I guess it's nice if you leave some comforting and encouraging messages even if you don't know well the person.It might help her to feel good.Pero minsan din,maiisip mong baka mag self pity tuloy yong poster,kaya minsan din nag hehesitate din ako kagaya mo.

  13. Oh, yes I agree - I dislike bloggers who don't reply to my comments. Normally if I post a few times and they don't acknowledge, I'll stop commenting and even stop visiting their blogs altogether : )

  14. Hi There

    Yes, it happens to me sometimes...but who cares anyway, sometimes i leave comforting message. Its good to read or just listen good words of total strangers you know. But if they will just criticize that is different story.... lol...


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