Pasalubong aka Care Package

Don't you just love your relatives? I do! They always have a care package for me everytime they visit other family members in California. My first cousin's wife and their son came for a short visit last Christmas. My aunt mailed me some goodies since I live on the East coast. When my mom went back for a vacation last year, she sent me all these stuff shown in the photo above. It contained some of my favorites like the Cornick (corn snack), prawn crackers and Chocnut (peanut milk chocolate). She also sent me a new kind of Sinigang mix (sour soup) and PJs and other clothing for the kids.

We are going to visit the Philippines this summer. This will only be the second time for dh to go there, the third time for my daughter and first time for my son. I plan to send a couple of boxes before our trip. This will save us the hassle of stuffing our luggages with gifts for relatives. The airlines also lowered the total weight of luggages and it is expensive when you go over weight. I already shopped for some gifts last month. I took advantage of the after-Christmas Sales. I still have a lot more shopping to do, mainly for make-up, perfume and cologne. My brother also asked for a sports watch. If only I have a lot of money, I would give him a choice of Luminox watches but I don't. So I'll look around for an affordable sports watch for him.
I am looking forward to this vacation since it is going to be a reunion of sorts for our family. My two cousins and their families from the UK are going back as well as my parents, sister and other relatives from California. Can't you tell, it's going to be a blast!


  1. Hey save some chocnut for me please ;-)

  2. besuto at chocnut lang ang katapat ko. kumpleto na araw ko. hihi!

  3. Your family would be so happy to have your package. :) EC dropping! Hope you won't mind!

  4. mareng barb, if you run out of choconut marami dito sa Sure Pinoy, kung gusto kang magpabili if ever makapunta kami sa inyo ulit..tika magkita pala tayo next month.


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