Story of Christmas Past

So Christmas has come and gone. I was having second thoughts about writing this post since December 2008 seems so far away. As you can see, I decided to do it anyway.

The kiddos sure had a great Christmas. Santa dropped off the gift they asked for. Take note that the word gift is singular. I told them that he only has a budget for one gift per child since he has millions of kids to give to. Of course the same rule does not apply to the gifts from mommy and daddy. Between us, my in-laws, my parents, brother-in-laws, cousin and God parents, the kids received everything in their wish list, well, almost everything. Nevertheless, they were happy, as in H-A-P-P-Y.

So what about moi? Well, I did pretty good. My friend Lou of The Shutterbug noticed in one of my post before Christmas that I got the Canon Rebel Xsi. Only a serious photographer like her would've noticed. LOL I also have my Wii Fit and let me tell you, it makes exercise fun and that is good in my opinion. How about my flannel PJs? Yup, got it. BUT, I'm still deciding if I would want to wear something with Polar bears on it. :o) Dh told me that the other colors and designs doesn't look good to him. LOL I didn't get my Leonidas Belgian chocs since I told dh to get it only if it's on Sale which it wasn't or if they have some promotional product. He got me his fave instead, Guylian Belgian chocolates. Mareng Lanie also gave me some melt-in-your-mouth Belgian truffles. Thank goodness for the Wii Fit, what I've been eating in chocs are counter-acted by my daily use of this fitness game. Take note that I wrote 'daily'. Yup, that will be one of my resolution for this year and that's a topic for another post.


  1. Mareng barb, sarap ng chocolate sa unang picture mo dito. Sana magkalapit tayo para may kasama kang mag exercise. Mabuti ka pa yong sa wishlist mo for christmas na drop ni santa lol. Gusto ko lang yong treadmill kaso mahal naman hintay nalang ako magsale at magsasayaw nalang ako dito para magloss hehe

  2. @LAnie
    Thanks mareng Lan. I made that Christmas log for our Christmas dinner. It's a chocolate roll with chocolate pudding inside. Sana nga we're neigbors ano?

  3. Hi Barb, I was drooling over the choco log, LOL. I want to lose weight too haayyy my nose is getting bigger na hahah
    BTW, thanks for the special mention. I'm also planning to get the WII fit, Robert said it's the first thing he will get for me when he gets a new job LOL. After all I was the one submitting his resume hahah
    Happy New Year my friend! xoxoxoxo, lou

  4. sigh!!!!!!belgian chocolate penge!!!LoL ang bait naman ni santa claus


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