Surveys Used to Be ____

And that was years ago. I remember getting cash payouts and stuff for participating in surveys. Nowadays, even the survey company is in recession. Imagine spending 20 minutes answering a survey and what do you get? An entry in their sweepstakes. I can think of a dozen things that are more important use of my time. Of all the survey companies I've tried, I liked Lightspeed the most. It's easy and you get a fair compensation for your time. I haven't done any surveys lately, actually it's been months. What about you? Do you participate in surveys and do you find their compensation fair?


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  2. I did try doing survey few months ago, but I stop because I keep getting nonesense junk mails in my inbox.

  3. i do mysurvey.com and i think i'm getting my fair compensation. :)


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