That Darn Accent

*sigh* What is it with cute men and accents? I've been an avid watcher of Top Chef for years now that if I probably tasted every dish that has been cooked by the contestants, I would have to look for the best weight loss pills. Every time that chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin (considered the BEST seafood restaurant in the USA) is in the episode, my heart flutters. LOL It helps too that he's handsome but boy oh boy. When he opens his mouth and starts speaking...oh la la cuchi cuchi! And that boyish smile...*sigh* What is it with the French language? It definitely sound beautiful, no wonder it's been labeled the language of love. My first exposure to French was actually from a skunk. You remember, from the cartoons, I think his name is Pepe Le Pew or something like that. :o) I also remember this Australian chef named Curtis Stone - cute with an accent.

So, if I'm so into accents, you're probably wondering if I married a cute guy with an accent, right? Well, you'd better believe it! He's cute (in my opinion, ruggedly handsome LOL) and has an accent to boot. What kind of accent? It's Boston baby! You know the accent "I'm going to pahk the cah in the dahk." :o) Well, actually it's just a little accent, you get the idear.


  1. Babette,
    Thank you so much for putting my "Cabin Fever Margaritaville Carnival" badge on your blog. I think it's going to be great fun!

    Thanks again!

  2. I know what you mean. :)

  3. wohlala ang lola mo kinikilig lol

  4. @Lola
    You're welcome! I'm looking forward to the Margaritas. :o)

    Thanks for your comment. :o)

    Oo nga, buhay pa pala ang lola. LOL

  5. I think French is a beautiful language, Mandarin a classy language and English a civilised language. LOL!

  6. LOVE ♥ top checf Love ♥ men with accents lol...stopping by from EC to drop and say hi

  7. @Foong
    Ooh, I should've continued my Mandarin language classes! LOL I went to a Chinese/English school when I was a kid and was fluent in Chinese until we moved to the mainland and I went to a Catholic school.

    Love those hearts! :o) Thanks for dropping by.


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