Friendly Blogger Award

Friendly Blogger Award I received this Friendly Blogger award from DedeAndro. Thank you! I've come to known DedeAndro just by regularly dropping on his blog. He is so nice that he even shared his template code. Now that deserves big brownie points. :o) I think this friendly blogger award was combined with a Meme/Tag (I think it's called shot on the spot or something like that). Anyway, I'm just the recipient so I'll play along. :o)

The rules are:

1. Take your latest picture.

2. Take your picture as natural as possible.

3. Post your picture on your blog.

4. Post the rules.

5. Tag 10 people to do the same as above.

Here's my photo taken today where I'm wearing my 'house' eyeglasses. Do I look bored? LOL I used the built-in webcam in my notebook to take this photo that is why it is grainy. Am glad that it is since I have a breakout on my chin, I think I might need some acne treatment. ha ha

Now I'm tagging the following:

-Mira of A Moment to Exhale
-Lanie of My Whole New World
-Carlotz of Dashing Smiles
-Sam of Show Me Your Interest
-Rolly of Joro Livelihood
-Joy of Words of Love
-Willa of Fickleminded
-Baby Sam of Samantha's Own
-Dhoy of Simply Irresistible
-Recel of Rare Ordinary Thoughts


  1. thanks for this, I'll post this on my new blog and let you know when I'm done, I have to activate my webcam first. :)

  2. yay! I'm done! and it's really nice to see face behind the blogs. :)

  3. weeeh! thanks a lot for the award! the shot on the spot tag- i have already done before but i didn't mind doing it again! here's mine:

    as for your on-the-spot pic posted, grabe na yan ha, limang daang piso? lol

    have a good night!

  4. @Fickleminded
    You're welcome Willa. Thanks for playing. :o)

    Teka, baka mas mura. LOL Thanks for playing again. :o)

  5. Hi Mama,

    Mahaharap ko din ito. Busy lang talaga ko ngayon kailangan maghanap ng alam mo na... Sa Pasig ka lang pala. Sa Manila ako ngayon nakatira. Magkikita din tayo.

    Ingat palagi! xoxo

  6. Wow, that's great Babette. Thanks for accepting this award :) See you around!

  7. Thank you Babette for inviting and including me in your list but at this time, I'm very busy with my postgrad studies.

    But I'm really glad to have it without following the rules...heheheh

    Joro Livelihood
    Joro, The New Beginning
    Absolutely Joro
    The World Of Joro
    The Tale Of A Bukidnon Lad
    Baconchezjoro Multiply

  8. Congratulations sis! This one is so"bagay" you really are very friendly. :)

  9. Hi Barb thanks for this tag, post ko ito later na ha.

  10. Salamat po....na post ko na rin. Happy Wednesday Barb.


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