Nothing to Blog About...

I've been thinking of what to write now for a couple of hours. I know I had a lot of ideas the day before and now nothing seems to materialize. Everything just draws a blank for some reason. It's like something is wrong with my memory card, maybe it's corrupted? ha ha. Don't you just hate it when that happens? When you're not in front of the computer, you'll get an idea and you think this is a good topic to blog about. The moment you sit and are ready to get to work, nothing comes up. Well it's been a long week and I am slowly catching up on that lost hour. :o)


  1. korek ka dyan mareng barb, kaya ako pag di nag cooperate ang utak ko.. nanonood nalang ako ng TFC teleseryes. lol*

  2. Yes, I sometimes have this problem too. So the times when I have got nothing to blog, I try to do tags and awards which are all accumulating in my cupboard. Haha!

    But fortunately for me, such times are rare, so that's why you hardly see me do tags and awards : )


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