PhotoHunt #12 - Yellow

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who went to the Netherlands in search of a pair of YELLOW clogs. So off he went to Madurodam and he found this...
Madurodam - huge yellow clogs Ooops, this clog is way too big! So he searched again and found another pair of yellow clogs.
Madurodam - yellow clogsUh-oh, this doesn't fit either. :o( So he went to search for the perfect pair of clogs somewhere else. He rode the bus and went to the coast and reached a small fishing village called Volendam. Guess what?
Volendam - Dutch boy costumeHe found the perfect pair of yellow clogs and he also got to wear a Dutch boy costume. He flashed a big smile and said "Mommy, these clogs fit just right!"
THE END :O) And that's my PhotoHunt entry for this week. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it, now I'm off to look for some iphone accessories my brother asked for. We're visiting him this summer in the Philippines. You can see more PHOTOHUNT entries here.


  1. those are so cute! a friend from Netherlands sendme one of those keychain wooden shoes.

  2. hehehe this is cute of Tyler photos mareng barb, ang laki naman ng sapatos.

  3. These are really cute photos ;-) Anyway, I got two kinds of punchers - star and flower. You can borrow if you want.

  4. Cute clogs and even cuter kids :)

    Happy weekend!

  5. aw Babette these pictures are so cute. Missed you!



  6. Sensya na Mama Barbs ha? Kung dika nag ask, di kita ma update. Expire na domain sa blogspot at giniv-up kona kasi dyahe sila. Migrate na me WP at my new domain is http://joy-dob.com.
    Leave your all updated urls Mama Barbs ha para ma add ko. Salamat po.

  7. he is soooo cute. kelan kaya ako magka sapatos ng ganyan. hehehe

  8. So cute! I like that you showed the giant clogs first, then smaller, and finally clogs that fit!


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