Food Trip Friday #2 - Fresh Belgian Chocolates


FTFWhen dh and I tried fresh Belgian chocolates for the first time in the Netherlands, boy, we were in chocolate heaven! The chocolates just melted in our mouths and it was the best we've ever had. No wonder Belgian chocolates are considered the best in the world, they sure know how to make them. When we came back from our vacation, we had a craving for these chocolates. I looked for it at Amazon and yes, they have it there! Yippee! These fresh chocolates are made by Leonidas, the same ones we had in Europe. It is imported from Belgium regularly (where they make it fresh with no preservatives so they only ship it FEDEX) and you can get it here in the US. I signed up for their email alerts so I get info whenever they have a Sale (the regular price is pretty steep plus I prefer to get stuff at a discount LOL). Their website: www.leonidas-chocolate.com


  1. I'm not really a chocoholic but I do have a stock of Belgian in my fridge so whenever my sweet tooth attack which is very rarely, i have something always available.

  2. Uy ang sarap naman nyan. Can i have one? hehehee

    Have a nice easter week-end!

  3. I've also tried it a lot when I was Netherlands, and yes it's very tasty, mouth savouring, delectable and everything you can describe just fits. Melts on the mouth. Hhhmm...just cooked some champorado using Belgian dark chocolates...

  4. tama ka Mareng barb, masarap talaga ang Belgian chocolats:)

    Happy Easter Weekend to you & the family!

  5. I love the color of the chocolates, and I also tried one before. Nice!!


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