Food Trip Friday #4 - Light Carrot Cake

Light Carrot Cake My favorite, carrot cake. Compared to other carrot cake recipes, this has less calories and the cream cheese frosting is not heavy nor too sweet. This cake also has some crushed pineapples and coconut. Need I say more? This recipe is from Cooking Light magazine and I have it posted in my cooking blog. Come on over and visit. :o) See more yummy foods in our Food Trip Friday here.


  1. Hi Babette!
    I've been wanting to make carrot cake for the longest time pero di ako makahanap ng recipe na type ko. Will head over to your food blog and have a look at your recipe. Natatakam na ako, ngayon pa lang.hahaha.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    We Ate This!

  2. That's my favorite ms Babette waahhhh naglalawa na si ako dito hahaha. Alam mo every year Kathy bake carrot cake for me on my birthday. Last year siya pa mismo nag drop off sa bahay hehehe.

    Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend ahead. muuaahhhh

  3. I love carrot cake! Yummy!! : )

  4. my husband will gonna love this, I have to print your recipe and let him bake some!(he's the cook you know *wink*) :)

  5. This is mine and my husbands favorite kind of cake. I am also going to your cooking blog, which I did NOT know you had, duh! I must have missed something, it must be all the meds I am on, lol! Thank you for sharing this Babette. I hope all is well. God bless!



  6. I am not a fan of carrot cake. But with your description, it's different. Especially if its with pineapples and the frosting...I want to try it :D


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