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In the state that I live in, the auto insurance industry has just been deregulated recently. Before that, only a few companies offer auto insurance here so you can just imagine how high the rates were. Being a transplant from California, I had sticker shock when I realized how much we had to pay for the insurance, add to that the fact that we also had to pay excise tax on our cars. Geez, no wonder they call this state the tax-me state. LOL We were happy that the new governor decided to deregulate auto insurance. I'm currently looking online and compare multiple auto insurance quotes. Hopefully, we'll save $$.

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  1. Car insurance comparison is an effective way to influence your decision in choosing the right car insurance plan for your needs. Once you have that all done, ensure the company if the offers they have made are really feasible. Make sure to clarify everything before signing the car insurance contract.


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