Only in the Philippines?

Overloaded Jeepney

You certainly wouldn't see this here in the USA. It's an over-loaded jeepney (a form of public transportation in the Philippines and it was designed based on the US Army jeep.) This was on our way back home from a trip to Tagaytay City.

In the provinces, this is a regular sight especially on small towns and barrios. Since public transportation in those areas is spotty, people cram into every inch of the buses, jeepneys and even tricycles. I don't know how the driver manages to hear people who want to get off. Maybe they have some kind of fire alarms that sound off. It certainly is unsafe and I wouldn't want to be on it if it was in an accident.


  1. hello...i tried to be part of this overloaded jeepney in going to el nido palawan last summer vacation

  2. you wont either see this in japan or else lol...

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