What to Give?

I always find it hard to find gifts for men. It seems there aren't a lot of choices out there. Wallet, belt, shirt, robe, socks, etc. But one can only have so many wallets and belts each year. It's not like us women where we can have 20 pairs of shoes, more than two pocketbooks and even many belts and scarves. This year, I am in search of a gift for dh. Maybe I'll just give him a gift cheque and let him get whatever he needs, maybe some industrial handles or even some computer games.

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  1. There are many ideas you can use - does he like to play any video games? if so, get him the latest golf or football game. all men like remote control anything, so remote car or plane or helicopter would be fun. If he golfs, get him a gift certificate to his favorite golf course.


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