Vitamins - They're Good for You

I remember growing up, my mom would always have us take our daily vitamins. It would've been nice if it was in a tablet or capsule form but no, it's liquid and has an aftertaste. Good thing that she switched to a different brand and it was more palatable, it was sweet with an orangey taste. Now that I'm a mom myself, I give my children their daily vitamins. It is easy for me because it's in the form of a gummy (although their dentist wouldn't be happy with it! But I make sure that their teeth gets cleaned very well and no gummies are left in the nooks and crannies). It doesn't matter what age we're in, since we do not get the recommended daily servings of vitamins our body need, we need to take daily supplements and this is especially important if you are pregnant - then you have to take prenatal vitamins religiously.

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