A Bookworm in My Past Life

Nowadays, I hardly have the time to read a book. I'm only able to pick up a book when I'm waiting for the kids to get out of school. I've had this paperback in my car for almost half a year now and I haven't even read through half of it! Gone were the days when I can finish a thick hard cover book in a couple of days. I was a huge Robert Ludlum fan, that was before his Bourne series were made into movies. I've read all his novels, yes, even the mediocre ones like the Road to Gandolfo. I enjoyed thrillers and mysteries, throw in a couple of horror into that mix too. I should go back into reading. I've been wanting to get myself a Kindle. I've tried audio books but it's not the same for me. I want to read it myself and not hear someone read it for me. I've been browsing Amazon.com and their Amazon books that are used are very cheap. I've ordered a handful from their retailers and I've been satisfied so far.

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