Redecorating the Home - HOW??

Who doesn't want to redecorate their home? I sure do! It would be nice to have the services of an interior decorator to help me in decorating my house. I wonder if there are any out there who doesn't charge an arm and a leg to give out decorating advice and ideas. I've heard fo hiring interior decorators over the internet - I think it will work if you find one that understands what you want to accomplish. I want a decorator who will work with me and not just his or her ideas, this is my house afterall. I'd like to incorporate the modern sofas we bought last year. But first, I have to start with the walls. I already have a color in mind, I just need to push dh to do it. Does anyone out there know of a website that I can use to find a good interior decorator?


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  2. my friend hired an interior designing graduating student to decorate her house.


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