Life Happened...

It had been a couple of months since I've written a post. Life happened. I lost my only brother last April. He was brutally murdered along with his girlfriend in the southern part of the Philippines. I went back with my mom and sis to pay my respects. It was a big blow to our family for sure. It was seven months to the day that my dad passed away in California. Anyway, that's the black spot in my white board for the past year. The rest have been pretty interesting and mundane.
I've been organizing my digital photo album and even managed to upload a couple to Snapfish for poster printing. I also made some picture books which is way better than a regular photo album in my opinion. It is not cheap but it's well worth it.
So this month, it's the last month of school vacation. YAY! I know all mom's feel the same way. It'll be a somewhat busy month what with the day trips and shopping for school supplies.
But one thing is for sure, I'm back to my old blogging self.

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