I Love Your Deep-Set Eyes

And your blue eyes too! That's my dh, he has these deep-set blue eyes. *sigh* My kids got the deep set part but not the eye color. Now, I am just worried that my daughter will have those dark circles under her eyes. She doesn't have it yet but if it shows up, I will surely google how to remove dark circles. I don't want her to have an inferiority complex just because of that. She has enough pressure growing up in our society who puts too much emphasis on physical looks.

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  1. Actually, I have deep set eyes (used to be blue, but faded to a gray-green), and I have grown, after rejecting them, to really enjoy them. I'm in high school, but I find that the deep set look can really be played around with, and I know as a little kid it stood me apart in a GOOD way, making me seem more mature. I'm nor sure if you want to start changing the way your daughter is unless she expresses an explicit desire. Nevertheless, it's certainly your decision to make, and I hope you both live out wonderful lives.


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