Designing a Template

I am currently learning how to design a blog template. Thanks to my friend Carlotz, I asked her permission so I can study the code for one of the blogs that she designed. I like her style, I love the design she created for Mareng Amy, among others. If you want a custom-designed blog template, please contact her. This blog template is a work-in-progress, so please bear with me and don't mind the mess. :)


  1. love your new header ate barbs. ang cute! keep it up! =)

  2. Way to go babs.. and please share your knowledge pagkatapos mo ha..

    I love carlotas talent.. dami nyang blogs..at ikaw din..

    happy Tuesday afternoon..


  3. Hope to know also the wonders of HTML codes hehehe.Gusto ko din matuto paano gumawa ng blog,pero mahina akos a html coding eh.

    Bon courage Madame!

  4. turu-an mo ako later on mareng barb.. kailangan magtiya ka sa akin ha hehehe dahil low student ako lol sa code

  5. Way to go my friend, lol.


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