Travel Tips: Packing Checklist

For our summer trip, we plan to bring smaller suitcases. I wish this wasn't the case but it is. We will be using the trains throughout our vacation and lugging around a huge suitcase does not sound fun at all. We could take the plane from one city to the other, not only will this be faster and cheaper, it will be more convenient too. But we want to see the countryside, not just the major cities, using the train will give us a different perspective for each country. We are not in any time constraint so we can schedule our time and have a leisurely travel.

Amber will have her own backpack and is old enough to hold her own suitcase, a hard-sided neon blue carry-on. That should take care of her clothes and stuff while Tyler will have his own backpack for his books and toys.

For this trip, I have to downsize on the number of clothes we will be bringing with us. A week's worth of clothes is enough for hubby and I and some extra for the kids. I want to bring some gifts for friends that we will be visiting on our trip. Since luggage space will be a premium, I am thinking of mailing all of it to my college barkada in Trier. If Germany was our first stop, then it would not be a problem to bring it with us. But it isn't, we will be flying into Rome, Italy and will not get into Trier until the third week of our trip.

I plan to bring a large duffle bag with us, just in case we need some space for souvenirs. Wait, let me rephrase that: I plan to bring a large duffle bag for ALL the souvenirs I will be purchasing in each city we visit. LOL

I will also print out address labels, just peel and stick to the postcards. It will save us a lot of time instead of writing the addresses on each and every postcard.

Anyway, I have this list that I print out every time I pack for a trip. I got it from Good Housekeeping. This is saved as a WORD file on my documents folder and I edit and print as needed.

Did I forget anything? Please let me know if there are other things that I need to add to this list. :)

Packing List:

- Money ($ and local money) & Paperwork
- Airplane tickets (get an e-ticket if offered, one less thing to worry about)
- Copies of any reservation confirmations
- Passport or photo ID
- Photocopy of passport, driver's license, health-insurance card, vaccination certificate, credit/debit cards
- Credit/debit cards, traveler's checks
- Travel insurance documents, if you have them
- Itinerary
- Addresses of people to whom you want to send postcards
- Cellphones and/or phonecards

Toiletries & Health
- Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash
- Face wash and lotion
- Body lotion, perfume or cologne
- Deodorant
- Shampoo & conditioner
- Razor & shaving cream

- Q-tips
- Lip balm

- First Aid kit
- Make-up kit
- Comb or brush

- Hair styling products, flat-iron, curlers
- Contact lenses and supplies , extra pair of eyeglasses
- Pain-relief medicine
- Prescription medicines
- Medicine for motion sickness
- Slippers (optional)
- Earplugs
- Extra plastic baggies

Electronics & Entertainment
- Camera (plus extra batteries or charger)
- Video camera (plus extra tapes and charger)
- Mini-notebook for jotting down memories
- Books/magazines for the plane or downtime
- Maps and books on your travel destination
- Outlet adaptor for traveling abroad
- Laptop and charger

Swimsuits (at least 2 per person)
Sun block
Sunglasses and sunhat
Goggles and any other water gear necessary
Beach toys for kids
Beach towels
Beach bag

Hat, gloves, scarf
Water-repellent boots
Long johns
Thick, waterproof socks

Diaper rash cream
Baby wipes, powder, lotion, soap, shampoo
Baby carrier
Formula & baby food
Bottles, nipples, bottle caps
Sippy cup
Baby-proofing materials, like outlet covers (if the hotel can't provide them)
Pediatrician's phone number
Special tableware (baby spoons, bowls, etc.)
Entertainment (choose something travel-friendly like coloring books, hand-held videogames, etc.)

Walking sneakers
Blister kit (Bandaids, etc.)


  1. mareng barb, bonne chance! hehehe*

    bravo madame, very well organized ka talaga. yong driver's license pala.. be sure international driver's license ang dalhin mo:)

  2. Hi Babette,

    Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Why your comments and emails are not getting prompt response and for your kind words. Highly appreciated.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger Dough
    (Blogging helped my put 2 sons through college on my pension and if not for blogging, I would have been in financial difficulties. We want to help you do the same)

  3. mareng bar, ang dami paano ka makapagdala nito lahat, its good idea to bring clothes just for a week cause you can have wash in the hotel where your staying at. Pero diba 1 months an vacation nimo am sure.. mapapagod kayo talaga. Di pa ako nakapag-organized sa dadalhin namin might be next week isang linggo lang naman kami at pinadalhan kami ng checklist of what to bring on disney cruise.

  4. Mareng Ams, thanks doon sa driver's license, I'll talk to Tim about it just in case we have to drive. :)

    Hi Peter, thanks for the return visit. Your site is very informative.

    Mareng Lan, hindi ko dadalhin lahat yan. Just like I said, I edit that list depending on where we will go. Since wala namang beach sa pupuntahan namin, I delete that part before I print it out. I also used this list when we went on a cruise, the ship sent us a list but I prefer to use my personal list. Oo, one month nga kami pero hindi kami magmamabilis, we will take our time pati sa travels between cities. Kaya nga di kami sumama sa tour group, dahil sa tour may schedule talaga and jam-packed ang schedule nila. Ang schedule namin madaming pahinga, kaya one month. :)

  5. Great packing list you have. And have a nice and safe trip.

  6. Hi Barb, it pays to be prepared than sorry, especially when you'll be gone too long. I also have a list that I keep updated everytime. Every vacation is different from the others so its a good thing to have a standard list, good job. Now that we have a tot, my list will now be longer, lol.


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