Oh So Cool Tag...

Thanks to Ellaine (Scotty's Princess) for this tag. :)

1. Go to photobucket.com
2. Type in your answer to the question in the "search" box.
3. Use only the first page.
4. Insert the picture into your blog.

1. What is your relationship Status?
2. What is your current mood?
3. Who is your favorite band/artist?

4.What is your favorite movie?

5. What kind of pet do you have?

6. Where do you live?

7. Where do you work?

8.What do you look like?

9. What do you drive?
10. What did you do last night?

11. What is your favorite TV show?

12. Describe yourself?
13. What are you doing today?

14. What is your name?

15. What is your favorite Candy?

I'm passing this on to Mareng Lan, Mareng Amy, Lou, Amor and Lucille. :)


  1. WOW! This is automatic, hehe! Thanks for posting this one Bette. It's cool to know more about you. TC!

  2. Hi Ellaine, if you're talking about the SUV, yes, it is automatic. :) I do know how to drive a stick-shift, both my cars in Manila and the first car I had in California were manual transmission. thanks again for this tag sis!

  3. mareng barb, salamat sa tag! cgi gawin ko 'to mamaya.

    btw, may tagay ka rin sa domain ko.. kunin mo nalang pag di ka na busy dyan:)

  4. Hi Babette, I did my homework *wink. Check it out please.


  5. Hi Mareng Ams and Lou, thanks for playing along. :)

  6. Mareng barb, this is nice tag gagawin ko ito mamaya maglaba muna ako at mag-aayos nako parang di ako matatapos nito dahil sa blogging lol

  7. This blog is so interesting and informative.


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