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Spring is one of my favorite season, the other one being Fall. Spring also means 'Allergy season' for me. Yes, I have 'Hay Fever' and boy, does it hit me good. Dh also has Hay Fever so you can imagine our household during these times, sneezing all the time. A couple of years ago, we used a lot of over-the-counter nasal sprays. These are ok but as with any medication, long-term use is not recommended. Then, we tried the Neti Pot. It works but it is not very convenient at all. First, you need to measure the salt, then mix it with water then put everything in the 'Neti' pot. That's not even the hard part, you need to learn how to irrigate your passages which is not easy at all.

Looking for other alternatives, I found Oasis Nasal Spray . This is not your average saline nasal spray because the salt that they use comes from the Dead Sea. All their products use Dead Sea salts which has a lot of minerals and is all-natural. This Oasis Nasal Spray characteristic is very important for allergy sufferers like me. Unlike traditional nasal spray which can damage nasal passages if used regularly, Oasis Nasal Spray in not inflammatory. Allergy sufferers like me can now breathe easily.

April 10, 2008 -- Oasis Nasal Spray and Wash is available for children and adults, providing a natural alternative to over-the-counter congestion medicine, prescription allergy medication, and allergy shots. Oasis products are made from Dead Sea salts, rather than the usual saline. Most commonly used, hypertonic saline is known to cause cilia damage in the nasal passages, which lowers your ability to fight off infection. Oasis helps in the maintenance and prevention of symptoms such as post-nasal drip, runny and stuffy nose, and sinus discomfort. Oasis has recently entered the consumer allergy fighting product line, providing consumers the benefit of relief without annoying side-affects. And unlike many over-the-counter and prescription nasal products, Oasis doesn't cause dependency, so it's safe for all ages.

Recently the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin did a study with 52 patients having a history of sinus related problems and compared them to 24 matched control subjects. They found that, "The group using nasal irrigation exhibited improved quality of life, less frequent symptoms, and used antibiotics and nasal sprays less often. They were compliant with nasal irrigation, liked using it, and suffered few side effects." This nasal washing has become a trend among all age groups, and Oasis is filling the need with their all natural nasal products.

Oasis nasal products are currently available in ten states across America; soon expanding even more. Oasis' unique formula consisting of all-natural Dead Sea salts has become a household name in many homes across the country; its healing properties proving to reduce inflammation, causing healthier nasal passages and cavities. With an abundance of over-the-counter and prescription nasal sprays on the market, Oasis values the opportunity as the industry's exclusive provider of natural nasal products, to help consumers find a safer, more reliable way to treating their allergy and sinus problems.

Get in on the trend by using the newest and most popular nasal products. Help restore your health with Oasis nasal spray and wash.

About Oasis
Oasis Nasal Spray & Nasal Wash - A New Approach to Healthy Nasal Care
Oasis Nasal Spray is formulated with purified Dead Sea salt. The Dead Sea is the world's lowest and most saline lake. Its 30% salt composition has proportionately more calcium, magnesium, bromine, and potassium and less sodium, sulfate, and carbonate than any ocean.

The Dead Sea salt solution is safer and better than saline spray in the treatment for allergies and sinus disorders because of its anti-inflammatory effect.

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