Allergy Tips

Here are some tips to help you prevent and alleviate your allergies:

-Do a thorough spring cleaning - windows, book shelves and air conditioning vents collect dust and mold throughout the winter that can provoke allergy symptoms.

-Minimize outdoor activity when pollen counts are high. Peak pollen times are usually between 10 am and 4 pm. Get up-to-date pollen information for your area from the National Allergy Bureau at

-Take medications at least 30 minutes prior to outdoor activity. Consult with an allergist/immunologist to ensure medications are helping you and notify an allergist/immunologist when reactions to medications occur.

-Shut windows in your house on days pollen counts are high. Avoid using windows or fans that may draw pollen inside.

-Wash bedding weekly in hot water.

-Dry laundry indoors. Sheets hanging on an outside line are an easy target for blowing pollen.

-Shower and wash your hair before bed - pollen can collect on your hair and skin.

-Keep pets off of furniture and out of the bedroom. Pollen can cling to the dog or cat after being outside.

-Keep car windows closed during peak season. Use air conditioning and point vents away from face.

-When mowing lawn or doing gardening, wear a filter mask.

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