Did You Go Fishing Lately?

I haven't gone fishing lately, there's a lot of things to do around the house. Too many chores and too little time. The weather has been great and I'm sure it is a perfect day to go fishing.

For those whose hobby is fishing, are you searching for more information on saltwater fishing? Then take a look on the net and discover what your searching for. Whether your searching for information about bass fishing or for simple answers on a fishing boat, you're certain to find what your searching for.

Our upcoming vacation is also taking up most of my time, I'm still reading up on different options we can do while on vacation. I've been spending a lot of time on travel forums and the like. So between that and bloghopping, I barely have time to look for jobs.


  1. hi sis! you've been tagged...

    see yah :)

  2. i hear yeah hehehe. i think may PR2 ang blog mo.

    in my situation naman meron sana kaya lang walang oras hehehe. thanks nga pala as always.

  3. Hi Liz, thanks for the tag. Dalawa na utang ko. LOL

    Carlotz, are you kidding? wow, sa wakas ha. Di kasi ako nagcheck, baka ma-stress lang ako. LOL baka gusto mo ipasa sa akin yang mga ops. Bigyan kita ng 10% hehehe


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