Sorry, I Don't Do Windows

How I wish it were true. Sadly enough, I have to do windows since no one else will. In the Philippines, I learned from my mom to use old newspaper to clean the glass door. I thought she was kidding but it really works. You save money by using old newspaper but the downside is you'll end up with gunk on your hands after you're done with it.

Cleaning windows is not my favorite thing to do. I have 16 windows to clean in the house plus a sliding door. One good thing is we have the kind of window that tilt it so it's easier to clean the outside part. When it comes to glass cleaners, I've tried using store brand but they leave some residue and streaks. So I went back to the tried and tested Windex. Do you have a window cleaner you like to use? Do share, I might just try it.


Fastest Fixes
• Give dirt the brush-off. We know — going at the glass with the cleaner is the most satisfying part. But before you squeeze that trigger, pull back the blinds or curtains, open the window, and inspect its sill, frame, and tracks for obvious crud and cobwebs. Sweep out debris using the small-handled brush that comes with your dustpan. (Skip this step, and you risk a mess later, since the loose dirt can stick to your wiping towel and smear the glass.) Also handy: a cloth-wrapped screwdriver for flicking out dead bugs or hard-to-reach gunk.

• De-grime the screens. If you leave yours in year-round, give them a once-over now — otherwise, all that dried-on dirt may blow into your house the first time you open the windows for ventilation. The good news: You don’t need to take down the screens and hose them off. Just run your vacuum with its dusting-brush attachment over the side that faces in. (Side to side, top to bottom is the speediest method.)

• Make the glass gleam. For windows that tilt in, washing both sides is a cinch. Spray your cleaner on the inside of the glass until it’s heavily misted but not drippy. Then, with a clean lint-free cloth, wipe horizontally until dry. Tilt the window the other way; repeat on the outer panes, but this time wipe vertically (cleaning in opposite directions makes streaks obvious and easier to zap). For double-hung windows that don’t fold in, slide the bottom pane up about eight inches — so you can reach out and up. Clean what you can; then slide down the top panel to get it from above. Windows crank out or don’t open at all? Clean the insides, then rinse the outsides with a hose.
Make It Easier Next Time

• Pick a cloudy day. Direct sun makes the cleaner dry too quickly, leaving streaks behind.
Source: Good Housekeeping


  1. I suppose if I did windows more oiften I would have a different perspective. I was never bothereed by the activity. I like the methodical nature of itzfpjp

  2. Hi Keith, how I wish I can get away with not cleaning windows forever! I'd probably have to live in a high rise where they have window cleaners to do it. :) thanks for the visit and comment.

  3. I used to do that when i was still in pinas because i find the result satisfying. I just wear gloves to protect my hands haha kala ng hubby ko maglalaba ako.
    Im ok now Babette thanks for the concern

  4. hi mareng barb, i still use newpaper or paper towel to clean window using window's cleaner like windex, nag gagamit ako ng glove pagnaggamit ako ng newspaper pero noon yon bago ako dumating dito sa us pero ngayon paper towel na dahil yan lagi ginagamit ni kenny.. maganda gamitin ang paper towel.. at saka na ako maglinis ng window pagkatapos mawala ang pollen.

  5. "Pick a cloudy day"

    THAT EXPLAINS SO MUCH! Thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it.


  6. Mareng Barb, ako rin, hate ko talaga mag linis ng glass windows. buti nalang si Jp minsan yong gumagawa. hehehe*

    Di ko pa na try yong old newspapers but I know, iyan mostly ang ginagamit sa atin sa pinas:)

  7. hello nice blog.it is absolutely true i learned doing that from my chemistry teacher way back when i was in high school there is a scientiffic expalnation with that according to her nyahahahaa.

  8. thanks for those great good ideas..:) -Marie

  9. Hello Joy, mahilig ka rin pala maglinis ng bintana. I'm glad ok ka na sis. :)

    Mareng Lan, I use Bounty paper towel, mas matibay talaga. I saw your cruise photos, ang laki ng ship at ang ganda.

    Ozy, you're welcome. I was also surprised when I read that, it does makes sense.

    Mareng Amy, pwede bang hiramin si JP? LOL

    Hi Ronald, yeah, I remember something about that. One of the ingredients they use, I don't remember what though.

    Hello Marie, thanks for the visit. :)


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