A Sign Of The Times

I went to Walmart today even though it was pouring rain. We ran out of foot cream and it is the only store in the area that carries it. As usual, every time I go there, I end up buying other things too. Is it just me or does it happen to everyone? ;)

While at Walmart, I was also going to get some Barilla pasta since we ran out of Spaghetti Rigate and Farfalle. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the price for a box is now $1.29. It used to be $0.98, that's an increase of 24%! Wow, that is huge! I put the box back on the shelf. I'll just have to wait for a SALE at Stop and Shop, when it goes down to $0.99 each. I guess I will not cook Tuna Casserole for dinner tonite. :(

All consumer product prices just keep on going up. Since last year, the trend is just upwards, it has not slowed down a bit. Gas prices here in MA are now $3.11 per gallon. I try to save gas by doing my errands all together since my car isn't really a gas saver. :( Dh meanwhile, has a Honda Civic Hybrid so his gas consumption is half of what he would've had if he was driving a regular car.

I find myself cutting corners where ever I can but of course there are other things where that is just not an option. What about you, do you find yourself doing things differently because of high prices?


  1. Barb, as what they say, they always go up, they never go down. tsk tsk

    Have a good weekend.

  2. That's very true Lou. :( I cannot help but think about the less fortunate, they are the ones who are suffering more.

  3. agree with you Barb. for me even thinking of quiting of my job because of the gas. 3.39 in my area. each week i spent a little over 100$ just the gas parang walang natira sa akin. hopefully pretty soon i will trade in my van to a sedan for better gas. i really want to keep my van 'til it dies but with the gas right now i don't know. you know its so funny i promised myself not to go back to a small car but now i really am considering getting a small car just to save some gas. Tom been ignoring my plan because we don't have the payment for the van. i will push it sooner or later. hehehe.

    What's for dinner? Paki silip nga sa isang blog mo. wink* Ingat have a wonderful weekend sa inyo.

  4. this is helpful as I am working to learn how to drive. Gas saving car hmmm..

  5. Hi Mareng Barb,
    It is true our price go up here specially on the gas and soon our milk too. When drive andrew to school. It's only been 5 minutes his school from where we lived. I usually doing my grocery shopping in the morning if I don't have work in school. I always buy lots of different kinds of pasta whenever sale in stop and shop. I don't buy regular price unless I had too. With our highlander. When I fill up with gas it cost us at least $40 and up, but since I only drive around quincy. Our gas last 2weeks. Kenny drive the small car to the t-station and leave it there in the garage and pay $5 a day only in the winter, soon he will be walking again. Lahat ng bilihin nagtaasan na, sana ang sahud nagtaasan rin diba kaso ganon pa rin kaya ngayon kailangan na ng 2 income every household.

  6. mareng barb, i agree w/you here in france too.. di lang gas ang mahal kundi lahat ng bilihin. lalo na ngayon na panay ang taas ng european currency €. luckily, nasa city proper kami kaya no need to take the car everytime we go out except lang pag mag grocery kasi most supermarch├ęs here are situated outside the city center.

  7. Over the weekend I got a big box of diapers from Costco and it cost almost $41 when it used to be just a little over $37. I was really shocked. There should be regulations on price increase of basic necessities.

  8. Excellent blog. First time here for me. I think I will be coming here often.


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