CPR AED Training

My brother is finally getting his immigration papers from the US Embassy at the end of the year. After waiting almost 15 years, he will join us here in the United States. He wants to work and continue his studies to get a better paying job. He has a medical background so he wants to work in the EMT field. I told him that he can take courses online which will be easy for him, no matter what his schedule may be. There are online training centers for Paramedics, EMTs and First Responders looking to continue their education but do not have time to go to a traditional schools. National Paramedic Institute is a one-stop EMS education online training center. They cover online CPR AED training, mandatory Bloodborne Pathogens and AIDS training among many other subjects. They also offer Firefighter and OSHA training. The series of lecture by Dr. Bledsoe and all his articles are available for students to access. You will get all the additional training you need in order to be up-to-date and be competitive in your field. Visit
www1.emsjane.com for more information.

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