My Mom

This photo of my mom was taken at her optical clinic in Dipolog City when she and my dad were still dating. They dated when they were both in their late 20's and got married at 30 years of age.

My mom grew up with no mother because her mom died giving birth to her and her twin brother. Her two aunts, both spinsters(from whom I got my first and middle names from) acted as her mother. My mom is the kind of person that can find a friend anywhere. She strikes up a conversation with anyone. If she's in a queue, you'll find her talking to the people beside her.

She is very friendly and unforgetable that at every Alumni Homecoming at CEU, her professors always look for her among the attendees. How can they forget her? From the countless stories she told us about her college life, it is obvious that she was the teacher's pet. Not because she 'greases up' but because she's the class clown and very popular amongst her classmates and friends.

I got my love of cooking and baking from her. She is a very good cook although it's hard to believe that when she married my dad she didn't know how to. Yes, I was surprised when I learned about it, it was my dad who taught her how to cook. She even managed to burn the eggs. :) She didn't learn to cook because her aunts and maids did everything in the house. That's why when I was in my teens, she made sure our maids taught me the basics of cooking. She was a working mom but she was always there everytime she needs to be in school for us.

I could go on and on about her, but bottomline is I am so lucky to have her as my mom. To mommy and all of you moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Happy mother's day Barb!sa amin sa France in 2 weeks pa.Have a nice weekend!

  2. Mareng Barb, Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom!

  3. happy mother's day to you. cute pic. vintage. XD

  4. hi barb! your mom is very pretty :)
    happy moms' day too! i hope you're enjoying your sunday with your loved ones. they are blessed to have you as their mom. tc

  5. helllo wow schoolmate q pala mama mo only of different era hehehe proud to be escolarian.happy mothers day ms babette


  7. happy mothers day barb, and to your mom......

    sus huli na ako, ...pero holiday pa dito....

    PfingsMonday....whit Monday ba yon?...yon nag-offer sila ng mga maraming flowers.....

    natuwa ako sa iyo, tapos ka na ng plansa?
    ako bukas pa, holiday ngayon sabi ni liebling ko......free siya for 2 weeks.

    bukas alis sana ngayon alis sana kami, to visit his uncle, kaya nagkasakit, kaya hindi natuloy...

    next weekend na rin lakad kami, mothers day gift nya sa akin...

    tawa nga ako, sabi ni sascha sa lola niya, na si pa n ma daw nya mag-wellness vacation....hahahahah

    asa ka wellness.....wandering lang ba sa mga ka forest n field namin...lol

    sigi na nga...uwi na ako ha?
    mag-grill kami sa small balcon namin.

    may mga halaman na ang balcon ko, hay salamat nagtanim na si hardenero ko.....psst...

    tapos sabi nya maggrill daw siya, tingnan ko nga...

    salad daw sa akin.......

    mabuti nandito kami lahat, pati ang BF ni sascha, nandito natulog ang 2 ay........

    i am already eager to meet you barb and family........

    have a nice Pfingsmontag sa inyo.



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