Living Your Life the Earth-Friendly Way

I remember seeing a piece on Good Morning America years ago about new energy-saving light bulb called Compact Fluorescent light bulb or CFL. The savings a household can get just by changing the incandescent light bulbs into the new CFL Light Bulbs is enormous. Not only that, these CFL light bulbs last longer that the old light bulbs. Upon hearing these advantages, we started using CFL light bulbs around the house. Yes, it cost more but you will get the savings in the long run. Many families like mine are more aware of the impact we have on the environment. We try to do our part by using earth-friendly products, recycling as much as we can and buying products that use less packaging. Stores started to sell eco-friendly products but on a limited scale. I found this online store called www.ecogeekliving.com All their products are earth-friendly and they have a large selection of energy efficient products. You can browse their website and find great gifts and gadgets that are all eco-friendly and unique.

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