A Sleepless Night

I've heard it being said over and over again, motherhood is the hardest job ever. I didn't realized what it really meant until I had my own children. You are on the job 24/7 no matter how you feel. Even if you are running a high fever and your child comes in and asks for your help, you are inclined to do it. Sleepless nights are also a requirement in being a mom. Last night was one of them for me, good thing that it is far and few in between. I heard Tyler cry around 2AM and it sounded like he was in pain. I thought at first that he had a stomach ache. It was hard to get an answer from him. He wouldn't stop crying until finally, after a couple of questions, he said that his right toe hurts. Dh and I looked at his toe and I noticed that his big toe was a little swollen and red. Dh got a band-aid and anti-biotic and applied it on Tyler's toe. I thought that this will appease him but it didn't, he still cried. I asked dh to give Tyler some Tylenol to help with the pain. His toe must have been throbbing, I know how uncomfortable that must have been. After more than half an hour, he finally fell back into deep sleep. I feel so bad everytime any of my children are sick or hurting. I'm sure you moms out there feel the same way. We'd rather be sick ourselves than our kids, am I right?

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