Lost and Never Found

It was the first purchase I made with my salary from my first month working at Eastman Kodak Company. It was an 18K gold bracelet, simple yet elegant. I've had it since 1992 and wore it to special occasions. I've gotten complements about it since it is understated, not gaudy at all. When I was looking for it in my drawer to wear for an event, it is nowhere to be found. I looked for it everywhere in the house until I was resigned to the fact that it is lost forever. I am amazed by how I reacted to this loss, gone were the days wherein I am beside myself if I lose something valuable. Is this the sign of maturity? Have I reached that stage wherein nothing else matters except my family? That bracelet is just a 'thing', it can be replaced. If I feel sad, it is because of all the memories that came with that bracelet and not because of the monetary value it holds. I hope that whoever found it, will make good memories while wearing it.

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  1. hi mareng barb, bakit nawala and bracelet mo. It's our treasure thing that can't be replace specially we work hard to buy the kind of jewelry. I still had my watch I bought 1995, but not working well anymore. I think it die on me. See you on Sunday. Sayang sana ang party Saturday para marami kaming oras mag yard work sa aming yard since this is only the time makapagplanting ako sa mga paso. Have a great weekend and see you at mikey's party.


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