Flashlight for Emergencies

I remember the months after 9-11, there were talks of impending attacks on the US. People were advised to prepare for an emergency situation by stocking up on non-perishable foods, water, battery-operated radio and flashlights. It was then that I found about flashlights and radios that do not run on batteries. The flashlight is called Shake Light, you just shake the body of the flashlight for only 20-30 seconds to charge and it's ready to use. It provides 20 minutes of light just from 20 seconds of shaking. This is a very handy tool that's why we keep one in each of our cars. With this kind of flashlight, I don't have to worry about the batteries running low and dying out if ever I need it in an emergency. One other great thing about Shake Light is it is indestructible, it got run over by the car and just like the Energizer bunny, it still keeps on going and going and going...

Another useful tool we have in the glove compartment is a digital tire gauge. Do you know that if your tires are under-inflated, you end up using more gas? That's why this digital tire gauge is very handy especially with the rising cost of gasoline nowadays. Check out this website for more awesome products, www.vat19.com

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