My Memory and Numbers

I've always been pretty good with numbers, either manipulating formulas or memorizing numbers. I know my bank account number, my ATM card number of which I use to log-on to my account online, my credit card number and so on. Each has from ten to sixteen numbers in all. Lately, I've been wondering how long before I start to forget the things that comes to me naturally. Will that day come when I'm about to log on to my bank account online and I will forget the the sequence of numbers to press? I know that with age comes with deterioration of some sort, it is inevitable. My maternal grandfather lived until he was about ninety years old, he also has big ears. Remember what they say about people with big ears? They live a long life; maybe there is some truth to that. I just hope that when I'm old and gray, I will still have most of my faculties. Who knows, I may still be blogging by then. :)

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  1. Hello madame,natawa naman ako doon sa sinbai mong kahit matanda kana at meron ng mga puting buhok eh nagblablog parin :)Alam mo ba ang Mma ni Rene,kahit 101 years old na eh ang talas pa din ng memory as in kasi everytime na pumupunta kami,nag rerecall yan sya ng mga family history nla,grabeh.

    I hope ako din,sana ganyan din pag tumanda na ako,ayokong maging ulyanin :)

    Barb,I'm done sa tag mo pala sa amorsjourney ko na blog.Medyo late ko na nagawa kasi medyo busy,gabi na ako nakakablog.Have a nice day!


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