Organic Tea from India

My husband is a big tea drinker ever since he heard that drinking tea is good for the body. Naturally, he is always on the lookout for a very good brand of tea. It would've been so easy to buy any kind of tea but he prefers organic tea. He doesn't like using tea leaves on which insecticides have been used. Organic India is a seller of organic tea, coffee and fiber supplements. Their products have been certified by the USDA. They not only help farmers by buying the harvests at a premium rate, Organic India also promote sustainable agriculture by educating them. This company is not about all profits, they are also environmentally and socially aware. They work with the local farmers in India to create a sustainable environment and help them improve and preserve the farmer's health and the environment. Organic India is committed to provide consumers the highest quality product. Their website is www.organicindiausa.com

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  1. Im a tea drinker too. When I was still in the Phils, I would buy loose Oolong tea in Ongpin. My mother loves it too. Now I just contend with celestial seasonings' tension tamer.


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