The New American Idol

Meet our (Mira and I - LOL) American Idol, David Cook. He didn't have the best song choices for the finals but the voters showed their support for him big time. He apparently won by over 12 million votes! I remember Mira telling me at YM that David C. didn't perform as well as David Archuleta. We were worried that David C. will lose but he didn't! David A. is also a very good singer but I'm more into David C. I was so happy when I heard Ryan Seacrest say David C.'s name. I was even teary-eyed when I saw him crying after he won. I just hope that he will have a great career just like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. :)


  1. Yehey we won! I was screaming by myself watching the announcement, LOL. Simon was harsh but retracted his statement to save face right? He must have known already that it was gonna be Cook! Oh the sweet mild manner Archuleta seems not ready for the big world anyway, so Cook it is!!!
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